Basmati Rice & Chicken

Where did it come from?
A culinary journey through India! The land known for its rich cultural diversity. Time tested traditions and culinary expertise in the use of herbs and spices have been passed down for generations, to create a wide range of ‘curry’ dishes. Tastee Choice® executive chefs traveled
throughout India and researched the rich history of these culinary secrets, resulting in this authentic Indian treat
Swadisht Khana!

Microwave Instructions

Nutrition Facts


Only the best available Basmati Rice in the market is used in our products. We have a special dedicated team of experts that hand selects the rice directly from the source. It is critical that our quality of rice remains supreme since we do expect the Indian consumer to be one of the best judges when it comes to determining the quality of rice.
Our chicken is sourced from our exclusive chicken farms around the south. We provide our chicken with a cage free environment & ensure that no antibiotics are administered during growth. And as a production standard, our chicken is always grilled and never fried, which keeps in mind the health aspect of our product. Furthermore, the chicken provided in your meal is of 100% boneless breast meat.

Wine Pairing
Balanced and approachable with the perfect induction of layered oak. This full-bodied, elegant wine is fruit-forward and its chewy tannins melt on the palate with each silky, lingering sip.

Sauvignon Blanc
A dry, light, crisp wine with a clean finish that balances beautifully with rich flavorful foods.

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